At the Gerald Hannah Group, our executive coaches work one-on-one with your executive/senior managers and emerging leaders to help them make the shift from getting the job done to motivating your workforce to deliver unparalleled customer service and positive financial results.

Thinking strategically versus working tactically, resolving conflicts instead of coping with them, managing people’s expectations and emotions, motivating teams, collaborating across the organization, converting challenges into opportunities—these are the behaviors that today’s leaders need to empower others, inspire performance, and drive results.

And these behaviors can be taught, applied and improve performance.

An executive coach provides a development plan, research methodology (i.e. development assignments and leadership tools) and process for improving your leadership behaviors and executive presence.  We are not your therapist, but a person who is trained to improve your performance. We are committed and passion about your success.

Leadership is a combination of behavioral competencies and values that are useful whether a person is in the executive suite or on the front line, on Wall Street or Main Street. With personal and customized practice, feedback, and coaching, we align specific behaviors with your goals to help develop your executive/senior managers and top talent.

Ultimately, it’s not about being “right” for the next leadership or management position. It’s about being ready.