Identify & Retain Top Talent

If you are like most organizations, you cannot afford to lose and not hire top talent individuals.  These individuals are focused on making your organization successful.  They tend to raise the performance of others and demonstrate their passion for their organization.

Research articles in the Harvard Business Review journals list several reasons why top talent individuals leave their organization:

  • They felt disengaged from the organization, i.e. unclear about the alignment of their responsibilities with the company’s vision mission and annual goals.
  • They are rewarded the same as their non-performing peers
  • Senior management lacks holding people accountable that interferes with their performance goals.

We work with you to design a customize Talent Program.  The program consists of four major components over a 12-month period:

  • Individual development plan
  • Stretch assignments
  • Department rotations
  • Major problem to analysis and solves

We work closely with you HR Department and hiring managers to train and implement an interview assessment based on the research and principles of behavioral events techniques.  Result yields 80-85% the selection of an outstanding performer verse tractional interview selection process that only yields 35-40% results.